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Are you a stay at home mom, girl in college just trying to make some extra ca$h? Modest Girlz Brand Ambassador program is all about women supporting women and empowering women. A way to put extra ca$h in another woman's pockets and to be able to have women like yourself help build a brand and become apart of a legacy. Apply to become a brand ambassador today in the comfort of your own home.

Perks of being a Modest Girlz brand ambassador

why should you become a modest girlz

brand ambassador?

Get 20% off your order, on brand ambassador appreciation day you will save 50% off your entire purchase!

Create your own schedule

Discounts on all purchases

Earn extra cash (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

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Create your own business cards with your special discount code

Host hijab parties, where you could invite your friends & family over, collect orders and earn some quick ca$h!

Help spread the word about #modestgirlz and become apart of a legacy.

Promote Heavy on Social Media

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stay active!

Promote on social media as much as you like (atleast once a week)

Make a purchase once a month to stay active. (any amount)

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Become a Modest Girlz Brand Ambassador

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