All about Modest Girlz reward program

Our rewards program is specifically designed for you! Join and earn points on your purchases, which can be redeemed for cash towards your purchases. There's also other ways to earn points, such as liking our facebook page, following us on Instagram & much more!

Ways To Earn Rewards

You will get rewards for sharing on social media, making a purchase, you will get even 200 points for signing up. How dope is that? On each purchase you will earn five rewards points for every dollar spent! 

$6 off coupon
650 Points
$12 off coupon
1250 Points
$25 off coupon
2500 Points

To sign up for our rewards, click on the rewards button on the right side bottom of your screen.

Redeeming your rewards.

All you have to do is be signed in to redeem your rewards. Don't forget to log in each time you make a purchase, you deserve to be rewarded for shopping with us!